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Kai Belton is a licensed master social worker who has lived in Middletown since 2004. A single mom of 3, Kai moved to Middletown from Hartford as a result of gun violence that took the life of a family member. Kai has been advocating for residents of Middletown for almost two decades, serving as Family Resource Center Coordinator at MacDonough School, Director of CT STRONG, Executive Director at New Horizons Domestic Violence Services, and Clinical Director at the CT Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Kai is currently a Youth Mobile Crisis clinician at Middlesex Health. Kai also serves the Middletown community by leading programs on community resilience, receiving an award from the CT Office of the Arts to provide opportunities  for healing through the arts as well as providing education and training for organizations focusing on trauma informed practices, vicarious trauma, and self-care. 


Because Kai has spent years helping families find affordable housing, advocating for victims of domestic violence, and finding quality mental health resources for people who really need them, she knows firsthand how policies impact people’s lives. Due to her family’s experience with gun violence, she also works closely with Mothers United Against Violence in Hartford. 


Kai is a 2021 graduate of Emerge, a program that trains Democratic women to run for office. Encouraged by Rep. Quentin Williams, Kai had aspirations of running for office in the future. By running to represent the 100th district in the General Assembly, Kai is committed to carrying on Q’s legacy of fighting for vulnerable communities in Middletown and across Connecticut. 

Kai has been endorsed by:


Planned Parenthood Votes! 


CSEA SEIU Local 2001

National Association of Social Workers - CT Chapter (CT PACE)

CT State Building Trades

Congress of Connecticut Community Colleges (The 4Cs) 

Working Families Party

CT Employees Union Independent (CEUI)


Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association (UPFFA)

Carpenters Local 326

Middletown Democrats

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